Glamour is a beautiful and clever board game for young girls. Help Cinderella, Snow-White, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty to gather garments throughout the kingdom and to get ready for the ball. You should dress your princess according to the current trends in fashion, or change them to your liking, so she can make the best possible impression at the ball.

The board game was so dear to its fans, it also inspired an electronic version. It a sidescroller where you can create and customize a princess, and must walk around the kingdom selecting your dresses, shoes, make-up, accessories and hairstyle, but also visiting your princess friends to know what they'll be wearing. You get the most attention in the ball if you have a unique look. Hopefully you'll win your true love's heart.

Glamour is a cute game designed for young girls. You walk around the kingdom collecting items before you go to the ball, where you get points if your look is fashion.

Of course fashion does change a lot, so it won't be easy to be the most glamorous.

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The board game had a commercial edition released back in 2012.

Its box and manual are in Portuguese, but game components use no written language, so it might be worthy to check it out.

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Help your princess get ready to the ball and find her true love. Explore the kingdom unlocking and collecting wearable items.

Don't forget to visit your friends, also. The more original your look, the more glamour points you'll get.